The Great Loop Map

The Great Loop Map

Buy the Great Loop Route Map, available in poster size of 11.7″ X 16.5″. You can frame it up nicely as a memento of your trip or for inspiration to finally set sail on the voyage. Hang up this poster in your drawing room above the fireplace and regale friends with lores from the trip. Contact us to order your poster today.

You can also get the “Looping by the Numbers” map along with The Looper’s Companion Guide (available on Amazon). Other full-color maps and pictures are also included to help guide you along the way.  

In addition to the maps, you get every cruising day’s distance, miles, average cruising time, fuel range, bridge heights, and controlled depths, including mile markers, waypoints, marina phone numbers, and Captain John’s 2022-23 fuel prices and marina fees. 

If you follow the most popular Great Loop routes through the USA or Canada’s Trent Severn, this will be your safest route and route guide around the Loop. It is beyond doubt the most flexible and informative ‘cruising day’ itinerary you will find for a safe, comfortable, affordable, and fun voyage around America’s Great Loop.

Invest in the American Great Loop Route Map as a token of a great time.