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With the estates of the Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, and Mills, and the mansions of Franklin
Roosevelt, Martin Van Buren, and many others
this unbeatable cruise extends through the Hudson Valley
and past such legendary villages as Sleepy Hollow.

Personally I believe this 134 mile leg of the Great Loop (from the Statue of Liberty to the entrance of the Erie
Canal) is at the top or our list as one of the most interesting areas you will boat through - provided or course,
you take time to visit some sites. The Statue of Liberty is not on the Hudson river, but she is so close to it, she
welcomes you to this wonderful waterway through the Hudson Valley.

From Lady Liberty your cruise past Governors Island and past the East River, will have you rubber necking all
the way to the Erie Canal. With over 50 Marinas within this 134 mile stretch, it should give you an idea of just
how popular boating on the Hudson River really is.

Seriously, how much better can it get than taking a Hudson River excursion with the one you love and getting a
first hand view of this historic shoreline from the deck of your very own vessel?  Not only can you visit the
estates of Roosevelt, Martin Van Buren, the Mills, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Samuel F. B. Morse,
steamboat, "the Clermont" was built and demonstrated for the very first time. In addition, you will cruise past
Dobb's Ferry, and West Point.

Entering NY Bay from the south, the first landmark you will see will be the Statue of Liberty. The Statue with
the equivalent height of a 22-story building, was (In 1886) it was the tallest structure in all of New York.  The
Statue of Liberty faces Southeast and as you cruise by with her on your port side, her left side faces the Hudson
River which is just ahead.

If you cruise just east of Lady Liberty (between Liberty Island and Governors Island) then you will cruise past
Ellis Island. It too will be on your port side as you approach the Hudson River. The Troy Lock and Dam, is 134
beautiful miles away, and you won't have any problems taking your time on this leg of your voyage. You can
expect a lot of Charter and Ferry Boat traffic between Liberty Island and on past the Hudson River's famous

The Hudson River, is tidal, and the tide change is about five feet. You will want to remember that tidal changes
can be a real problem when you are tied to a fixed (non floating) dock or pier.  The Hudson river tides change
every five or six hours so when anchored out, this will reverse your boat 180 degrees in the opposite direction.
Keep in mind the current is roughly 2 knots, and it also changes direction every six hours. You will have a strong
tide until you pass through Federal Lock 1 and reach the non-tidal waters on the Erie Canal.

Normally, we experience a current of about 2 knots. The Hudson River has very deep sections of water
and very high cliffs. The scenery is great. Most 'southerners' that has never been to New York believe it is all
concrete and people. Same is true about New Yorkers that believe Texas is all oil fields and cactus. Wow, are
are they all in for a pleasant surprise.  
This leg of your voyage is 134 beautiful miles, and for some reason,
the Hudson River seldom gets more then a mention in many Great Loopers' blogs,
websites, or even Guide Books.
Fact is however, the Hudson Valley is home to many of the most visited sites in
America. From the US Military Academy at West Point, the Mohonk Mountain House,
the Culinary Institute of America, and many more.
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