The Ohio River

    Start = Ohio RIver Mile marker 981
    at the mouth of the Mississippi River
    near Cairo, IL.
    Olmsted Locks and Dam
    Mile marker 964.4
    Cumberland River =
    Mile marker 923
    Tennessee River (Paducah, KY)
    Mile marker 935
    Dam 52 =
    Mile marker 938.9
    Dam 53 =
    Mile marker 962.0
    Smithland Lock and Dam =
    Mile marker 918.5
    John T. Myers Locks and Dam
    Mile marker 846
    Newburgh Locks and Dam
    Mile marker 776.1
    Cannelton Lock and Dam =
    Mile marker 720.7
    McAlpine Lock and Dam  =
    Mile marker 606
    Markland Lock and Dam =
    Mile marker 531.5
    Captain Anthony Meldahl Dam =
    Mile marker 436.2
    Greenup Locks and Dam =
    Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam =
    Mile marker 279.2
    Racine Locks and Dam =
    Mile marker 237.5
    Belleville Locks and Dam =
    Mile marker 203.9
    Willow Island Locks and Dam =
    Mile marker 161.7
    Pittsburgh, PA =
    Is Ohio River Mile Marker "0"
    Pittsburgh is 981 miles from the Mississippi River at
    Cairo, IL
Distances & Mile markers
along the Ohio River
from at the
Mississippi River to Pittsburgh, PA
( all river miles are in statue miles )
Distance & Mile markers
on the Ohio River
The Ohio River
It's a long one. It begins at the confluence at the of the Allegheny river at the Point in
Pittsburgh, PA, and flows 981 miles to join the Mississippi at Cairo, Ill.
Abe Lincoln was 19 years old
the first time he traveled down
this river on a flatboat loaded
with furs to sale in New

Now, commerce on this river
amounts to over 150 million
tons a year.
There are 53 Locks on the Ohio RIver. Sometimes in
the summer there are long lines of pleasure boats
waiting for lockages. Over 30,000 recreational boats
locked through the Pittsburgh District’s locks last year.

Numerous excursion boats also use our locks as they
cruise the rivers entertaining and educating area
residents and tourists.  Many people use the navigation
pools as a lake for pleasure boating without ever using
a lock and some do not realize that the miles of clear
channel are created by the dams.  In many areas,
fishing is at an all time high, as the quality of the water
and the fish have dramatically improved over the past
20 years. It is a long ride up from the Mississippi to
Pittsburgh, and another long ride back down; but
honestly, I can't think of a better use of the time spent a
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for more information:
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Ohio River
at Pittsburgh River Conditions
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Army Corps of Engineers
    Point Cove Marina =  1.2
    Peggy’s Harbor
    Mile marker 1.5
    Peggy's harbor is on the north side of Pittsburgh.
    It is a nice family oriented, full service marina.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    All States Marine = 8.8
    Midway Marina
    Mile marker 8.8 RDB
    Sewickley, PA 15143
    B&L Marina  8.9
    Groveton Boat Club  9.2
    Holiday Yacht Club  43.3
    River Mist Marina  58.1
    Bo's Lighthouse & Marina
    Mile marker 58.1 RDB
    Toronto, OH
    Skipper Haven Yacht Club 60.2
    Steubenville Marina
    Mile marker 66.3 RDB
    Steubenville, OH
    Pier 12 Marina  74.5
    E-Z Pool Marina   77.4
    Rayland Marina
    Mile marker 81.5 RDB
    No joke, it probably is, the best marina on upper
    third of the Ohio River. Less than 2 miles above
    Pike Island Locks and Dam & well protected.
    Wheeling Heritage Port
    Mile marker 90.5 LDB
    (great stop with a lot happening)
    Wheeling, WV
    48th Street Boat Club
    Mile marker 92.8 LDB
    Wheeling, WV
    Prima Marina Boat Club 102.2
    Riverside Restaurant
    Mile marker 109.8 RDB
    (not a marina, just a good riverfront restaurant)
    Powhatan Pt., OH
    Valley Boat Dock  128
    Harman's Harbor  128.5
    Sisterville Boat Club  136.5
    Marietta Harbor
    Mile marker 172.2 RDB
    Marietta, OH
    Dave's Marine Service  184.6
    Eddie's Marina  199.3
    EP's Landing   208
    Pomeroy Courtesy Dock   249.5
    Showboat Marina
    Mile marker 304.4 LDB
    Huntington, WV
    Lighthouse Maina
    Mile marker 305.1 LDB
    Huntington, WV
    Huntington Municipal Dock
    Mile marker 306.5 LDB
    Huntington, WV
    Catlettsburg Boat Club
    Mile marker 317.3 LDB
    Catlettsburg, KY
    Worthington Marina
    Mile marker 331.1 LDB
    Worthington, KY
    Holiday Point Marina
    Mile marker 338.9 RDB
    Franklin Furnace, OH
    Anchor Pad Marina  356.2
    Shawnee State Park Marina
    Mile marker 363.2 RDB
    Portsmouth, OH
    Island Creek Marina   395.2
    Maysville River Park Dock
    Mile marker 407.0 LDB
    Maysville, KY
    Lively Lady Marina   409
    Riverview Gas Dock   414
    Eagle Creek Marina   415.6
    RIpley Boat Club
    Mile marker 417.0 RDB
    Ripley, OH
    Valley Gem Marina   417.4
    Tara Villa Marina   421.7
    Straight Creek Marina   421.7
    White Oak Creek Marina   424
    Augusta River Park   426.5
    Lighthouse Marina   428.9
    Port Tacoma Harbor   449.6
    The Landing Restaurant/Lounge  450.1
    Steamboat Marina  450.1
    The Boating Center  450.5
    Ross Resorts Marina  455.6
    Washington Marine Repair   460.3
    California Yacht Club   462.2
    Aquaramp Harbor & Marina   463.9
    Skipper's Steamboat Marina
    Mile marker 450.5 RDB
    New Richmond, OH
    Four Seasons Marina
    Mile marker 464
    Cincinnati, OH
    Tucker Marine Service   464.2
    Rivertowne Marina   464.5
    Watertown Yacht Club  467
    Riverside 4 Marina  469.1
    Barleycorn's Yacht Club   470
    Crockett's River Café & Marina   470.1
    Cincinnati Riverfront Marina  470.4
    Mike Fink's Restaurant   470.5
    Ludlow/Bromley Boat Club   474
    Villa Hills Marina   476
    Lady Dean Charters & Yacht Club   476.1
    Constance Marine   477.5
    Mariner's Landing Marina
    Mile marker 483.7 RDB
    (14 Miles West of downtown Cincinnati)
    Latitude: 39° 7.64' N
    Longitude: 84° 42.41' W
    Fore & Aft Restaurant & Lounge   483.8
    Catalina Harbor   484
    Tradewinds Marina   495.8
    Blue Ribbon Marina   496.6
    Aurora Landing
    Mile marker 496.8 RDB
    Aurora, IN
    Lischkge Harbor/Fuel Pier    496.8
    Aurora Marina   497.8
    Lighthouse Point Yacht Club   498.7
    Rising Sun Marina   506
    Farmlands Marina   514.3
    Big Bone Landing Marina  516.5
    Sugar Creek Boat Dock   522.8
    Castaways Yacht Club  529
    Turtle Creek Harbor   529
    Dan's Marina   530
    Pier 99 Marina   530
    Eagle Hollow Marina   555.3
    The Wharf   558
    Rivercrest Marina  559
    River's Edge Marina
    Mile marker 584.9 RDB
    Charlestown, IN
    Juniper Beach Docks
    Mile marker 597
    (at entrance to Goose Creek)
    Latitude: 38° 19.21' N
    Longitude: 85° 38.71' W
    Captain's Quarters Marina
    Mile marker 597
    Latitude: 38° 19.7' N
    Longitude: 85° 38.66' W
    Heather's on the River Marina
    Mile marker 589.9
    (13 miles north of Louisville)
    Latitude: 38° 24.69' N
    Longitude: 85° 36.91' W
    Harrods Creek Boat Harbor   595.8
    Kayrouz Marina   600.5
    Rocky Point Marina
    Mile marker 718.9 RDB
    Cannelton, IN
    Mike's Marina
    Mile marker 747.1 RDB
    Rockport, IN
    Owensboro Marina   753.5
    Edgewater Grille
    Mile marker 778 RDB
    (not a marina, but a great riverside restaurant)
    Newburgh, IN
    Inland Marina, Inc
    Mile marker 791.5 RDB
    Evansville, IN
    Nu Plaza Yacht Club   797.3
    Dogtown Ramp and Fuel Dock   797.5
    Mt. Vernon Courtesy Docks
    Mile marker 829.5 RDB
    Mt. Vernon, IN
    E'town River Restaurant
    Mile marker 889.0 RDB
    (a great riverside restaurant)
    Elizabethtown, IL
    Golconda Marina
    Mile marker 903.0 RDB
    (on the Ohio River’s Smithland Pool)
    Golconda, IL
    77 miles from Mississippi River/Cairo, IL
Pittsburgh is getting to be a very popular long distance
boating destination. Furthermore, your voyage doesn't need
to stop in Pittsburgh.  The Allegheny River, has eight locks
and dams provide that provide 72 miles of navigation from
the Point north to above East Brady in Armstrong County. In
addition, nine locks and dams on the Monongahela River
will get you 128.7 more miles upriver to just above
Fairmont, W.Va.  So all total, your voyage up the Ohio and
on to W. Virgina can be almost 1,200 miles one-way.
Pittsburgh, PA Point State Park at the Ohio
River mile: 0.0

Here's the Skinny:
From the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Three Rivers
Regatta, and the Three Rivers Jamboree, there is almost
always something going on here during boating season.

court have all had some recent upgrades.  The Point is a
great place to tie up and enjoy the park setting. It is just a
short walk to downtown.

first serve basis, and the Allegheny River side provides a
no wake zone.
I have voyaged up and down the entire 981 miles of the the
river's boating season, and I must confess, it can get
crowded in areas, but everyone appears friendly, and no
one has as much fun as boaters on the Ohio River.
From tubers, to canoers, to cabin cruisers, trawlers,
sailboats, deck boats, and even steamboats and towboats,
they all seem to be all smiles, and all having the time of
their lives.

There is no need to feel threatened in any way over the size
of this river, nor of it's commercial traffic or of it's locks &
dams. The Ohio river seems a mile wide in some places,
the wind can create some uncomfortable chop, the
towboats and barges can be intimidating; but all in all, it is
(like all the rest of the Great Loop) a simple matter of
paying attention, and using good common sense.

There is probably more neat stuff (most free stuff) to see
and do on this river then any other. From Boat Shows to
river side summer Concerts & Festivals, the activities on
the Ohio doesn't stop until the season closes for winter.
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