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Dear Future Looper,

  Whatever you’re looking for, wishing to find, hoping to learn or in search of in reference to
planning, preparing and cruising America’s Great Loop, it doesn’t get better than this!
What do you need or want to know? It's in here!
  This is your Companion Guide to planning, preparing and cruising America’s Great Loop. From
boat choices, selection & buying, to equipment, amenities and provisions, it covers everything a
Looper will want and need in and on a boat. It takes the "guess work" out of planning and
preparing for this voyage, and it takes the "stress work" out of cruising it.
  This incredible 5,429-mile, point to point, destination to destination 140-travel day guide was
strategically planned as a companion guide at your helm. As a result of its size, with over 100
beautiful full-color Maps & photos, it also makes for a great Coffee Table Book & conversation
  Just pick your starting point and follow Capt. John and his small flotilla of Loopers around either
route you choose. Through Canada's Trent Severn or remaining in the USA on the Great Lakes,
Capt. John guides you from one great "Looper Favorite" destination to the next. In doing so, he
gives you each day's cruising distance, required fuel range, bridge heights, controlled depth,
safe anchorages, free docks, best marinas and all the recommended Looper favorite restaurants
along the way. He even lets the Sailors among us, know where to have their mast stepped, re-
stepped and where from and who to, they can even have it shipped.
  From the frugal to the most flamboyant fast boats or slow boats, Capt. John guides you safely
to a free dock, wall, safe anchorage or marina every single evening before dark.
Choices of free docks, anchorages and marinas are given everywhere there is one, with
preferences always given to marinas offering courtesy cars & restaurants on-site or within easy
walking distance and to those marinas that are people & pet friendly.
  From sail or power, one engine or two, gas or diesel, you get all the pros & cons on the most
popular type and size vessels suitable for cruising the Loop, including essential gear and
equipment. It is all provided to make your Great Loop voyage safe, stress-free, comfortable,
affordable, and most of all. . . Even boaters in small boats will have a huge boat load of fun!  
  Have a reluctant spouse? This will be the game changer! It makes a beautiful Coffee Table
book. Just put it down. She'll pick it up, and by the time she puts it down, she'll be asking you
about departure dates. It will leave you as well as the most reluctant spouse, with eager
excitement to begin your Great Loop adventure.
  The Looper's Companion Guide is an excellent guide for selecting your boat & equipment,
provisioning and preparing your boat for this voyage, as well as directing you around the Great
Loop. It is NOT intended for actual navigation. It is meant as a guide only. You will still need your
GPS Chart-plotter and Navigational software. It also assumes you are, or will be, a safe boater in
a safe boat before heading out on this adventure. It does not cover basic boat safety, regulations
or boat maintenance and mechanics. Though it does address topics of concerns on these
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"The Looper's Companion Guide" is your safe & easy guide around the Great Loop!
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