Waccamaw River on the Atlantic ICW
Cruising the Atlantic ICW
Mile Hammock Anchorage on the Great Loop
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- The Looper's Companion Guide -
Mile Hammock Bay Anchorage on the Atlantic ICW is very popular with Loopers and the U.S. Marines.
The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway - We will be cruising counter-clockwise starting at the junction of the Okeechobee Waterway at Stuart
and the St. Lucie Inlet. In doing so, your Mile Markers will countdown from Mile 966 at Ft. Pierce to Mile 0 in Norfolk. To this, we have the connecting
miles of Chesapeake Bay, the C&D Canal, Delaware Bay, the New Jersey ICW, NY Harbor and the Hudson River to complete our voyage up the entire
East Coast from Ft. Pierce, Florida to Waterford, New York. Waterford is the location of the Welcome Center of the NY State Canal System.
We begin the voyage at Ft. Pierce, FL just 22-miles north of the junction of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the St. Lucie Inlet and junction with
the Okeechobee Waterway because sooner or later, every Looper will cross this intersection.
    Our route north from Ft. Pierce to Norfolk continues from Norfolk and zig zags across Chesapeake Bay as it takes you to the nearest and most
direct ‘Looper Favorite’ destinations in the Chesapeake. Ending at the C&D Canal, you will then cruise 17-miles on the C&D canal and 55-miles out
the Delaware river to Cape May. From Cape May, it is 117-miles on the New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway to Manasquan Inlet where you will go
outside 46-miles into NY Harbor to the Hudson River. The Hudson river is 134-miles to the entrance of the New York State Canal System and
Waterford, NY.
    The official “NOAA Chart” statute mile distance from Ft. Pierce, FL to Waterford, NY is 1,563-miles. However, our route’s actual cruising distance is
1,879. The difference is the result of minor detours to our favorite destinations along the Atlantic ICW and zig-zagging our way to favorite destinations
across the Chesapeake Bay. Depending on any detours or side-trips you make, your distance on this portion of the Loop will be very close to 30% of
your total distance around America’s Great Loop.   
    Cruising the ICW can be a very social affair because you soon find you’re seeing the same boats at the end of the day. Most "Loopers" will be
flying the AGLCA "Great Looping" Burgee (see below). This is one of those places on the Great Loop where speed is not necessary or important. As a
result, lift bridges, swing bridges with hourly scheduled openings result in the ‘fast’ boats waiting the longest while the ‘slow’ boats get there in time for
the opening, and they all pass through together. The fast boats take off again until the next lift bridge, wait and the scenario repeats itself to the next
bridge opening. This is why at sunset, the Tortoise and the Hare find themselves in the same Marina or in the same anchorage. Whether you’re holed
up in a snug anchorage or tied in a marina you’ll discover most boaters will travel the same distance you do, as a normal day’s run generally averages
about 50 miles per day. Not only is this a result of speed limits, it is also a result of the average distance between the most convenient Marina facilities
and safe anchorages.
- The Looper's Companion Guide -
- The Looper's Companion Guide -
- The Looper's Companion Guide -
- The Looper's Companion Guide -
If you start your journey up the Atlantic ICW in early April, you will have plenty of time to stop at some wonderful destinations along the
way. St. Augustine, Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston, Pawley's Island, Barefoot Landing, Murrell's Inlet, Waccamaw River, Myrtle Beach,
Morehead City, Beaufort, Oriental, and a detour to Ocracoke is highly recommended.
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