The Great Loop
is a continuous waterway that
encompasses the eastern portion
of North America – including the
Atlantic and Gulf Intracoastal
Waterways, the Great Lakes, the
Canadian Heritage Canals, and
the inland rivers of America’s
It offers over 6,000 miles of
safe, scenic, and friendly
cruising.  It is close to land, home,
family, friends, hospitals, rental
cars, airports, restaurants, tourist
attractions, and entertainment. In
addition, you will have cell-phone
and wireless Internet connections
over much of the entire voyage.
Scenes from
Great Loop
So... Just what is
America's Great Loop ?
Dear Fellow Boater,

If you have ever wanted something for someone else - you have an idea
how I feel about America's Great Loop. The Great Loop is just so
special - I want
you to experience it. If I could, I would wrap it up and
give it to you... hook, line, sinker, and even the boat.
America's Great Loop is a challenging, exciting, fun, safe and an  
extraordinary journey you will never forget. I can not encourage you
As the Greeks, when they first referenced the Seven Natural Wonders
of the World in 200BC, they used the word "theamata" which translates
most closely into English as: "must see" and "must experience".  The
America's Great Loop is the mecca of boating, and the "theamata" of an
American boater.  
Capt. John

Seeing America by boat is like no other travel experience.  For any
American who has ever been on this cruise, it has to be the single most
life enriching "American" experience on the planet. It is beyond doubt, a
liberty has to offer. wonderful country this sweet land of liberty has to offer.
Furthermore, you can do it on your own boat, and never have to make a
single 'U' turn.
You will not only meet the most extraordinary, friendly, good-hearted
and enjoyable people along the way; you can also see everything there is
to see during daylight; spend every night in safe secure sheltered dock or  
anchorage, never be out of site from land, (mostly only a stones throw
from it) and have cell-phone and Internet service for most of your entire
journey. In addition, you will have emergency care, hospitals, car rentals,
and airports, as quickly available as many land-lubbers.
No, not everyone is cut-out to make a long ocean passage. Some of us
may be unwilling or incapable of it for any number of reasons. Cruising
America's Great Loop is not anything like crossing an ocean - but, for an
American, it is a much more meaningful and wonderfully enriching
You will cruise right by the Statue of Liberty and the St. Louis
Arch. From the Erie Canal to the Gulf of Mexico... You will boat right to
and through America's history.
You will want to take (and be reading) Mark Twain's "Life on the
Mississippi" as you watch these Grand Ole Paddle-wheelers making their
leisurely way across the water as you head south into the land of
magnificent mansions that survived the Civil War, to Catfish Camps,
Crayfish, Crab and Shrimp Shacks of the Mississippi Delta.  
America's Great Loop is not only a wonderful boating experience it is
the boating mecca of America; from your cruise by Lady Liberty, up the
Hudson River and through the Erie Canal, across the Great Lakes and
down the Mississippi, around the Gulf of Mexico's ICW to the Atlantic ICW
. . .  It is a voyage in the past lane.
Today, you can experience the American spirit of old by taking this
incredible nostalgic journey. No boater that truly loves America should let
this opportunity pass them by.
Additionally, it can be comfortably accomplished in a manner that fits your
philosophy and pocket book. Whether you have money to burn or need
more money to earn, this is a dream that is realistically attainable.    
In the end . . . It is not the dream boat, but the dream voyage, that will
give you you're most cherished memories.
Don't let the size of your boat limit the size of your dream!
No, not everyone is cut-out to make a long ocean passage. It takes a
special kind of person to board a vessel and sail off into the sunset, chasing
horizons far away from loved ones and familiar places. While it is a common
dream, for s
ome of us, it is simply not that simple. Many are just unwilling or
incapable of it for any number of reasons.
Cruising America's Great Loop however, is not at all like crossing an
ocean. It does not have the hazards of the open sea, nor does it take you an
unsafe distance from land. The Loop itself offers almost 6,000 miles of safe
boating. In addition, the Great Loop's route connects with over 24,000 miles
of waterways that will take you places you never thought possible could be
reached by boat.
Maybe the greatest aspect of cruising the Great Loop is the fact that you
can cruise it, and never leave sight of land much less be much more then a
stones throw from it. In addition, you will be boating in areas that are as
readily accessible by Emergency Medical personnel, and convenient to
pharmacies, hospitals, banks, post offices, rental cars, airports, restaurants,
movie theaters, museums, and an endless amount of historic places to see
and experience.
It is seeing America in the past lane. . . Not the fast lane. Certainly,
this is a safer alternative to seeing America in an RV. On the Great Loop,
you are away from big City traffic jams, noise and smog. Instead of cruising
down the highway 75 miles an hour, you're relaxing on your boat with 75
smiles an hour.
Yes, you can boat from Mexico to Massachusetts and on to Memphis.
You can boat from Paducah to Padre and on to Pittsburgh, from Chicago to
Chattanooga, and from Nashville to New York and Waverly to Washington.
You can boat from Tulsa to Titusville and on up to Tonawanda. You can
even boat from the French Quarter to Quebec.
So you see. . . America's Great Loop is much more than an alternative
to crossing an ocean. This is an adventure, though different, is second to
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Capt John's America's Great Loop