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Towing & Rescue Insurance  -  Most likely if you need it, it won't just save you a few hundred, it will save you
a few  thousand. It may in fact save your entire vessel and everything on it and in it.
Note: When it comes to rescue, the Coast Guards' mission is to save lives, not boats. When they
respond to a rescue, if the situation is bad enough, they take you off your vessel and leave your boat behind.
BoatUS together with SeaTow may then become the only option you have to rescue or recover your boat.     
If your goal is to loose weight, join Weight Watchers. If your goal is to cruise the Loop, join the AGLCA.  
There is no better way to stay “in the Loop” than this.
If birds of a feather flock together, the AGLCA is the
Loopers nesting place.  Join it. . .   You'll be glad you did!
FOR FUTURE LOOPERS - "if you know you are going to cruise the Loop someday" this is the place to be!
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the people that at AGLCA and its Members. They are a wonderful group of people interested and dedicated to
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Who said HISTORY has to be boring?  Not me!  This is a fun page full of fun &
learning pages covering 100 years of
America's Riverboat History and the related things going
on either as a result of it, or going on around it.

What did Abe Lincoln have to do with the Cruising the Loop?
What was Mark Twain's connection to the Titanic?
What does Coca Cola, Lady Liberty and Geronimo have in common?
What was the real reason for the saying "Go West young Man. Go West!"
In 1859 Congress approved a $600,000 Grant - For what?
Here are 4 things you should NOT cruise
America's Great Loop without:
1. "The Looper's Companion Guide"
2. Sea\\Tow or BoatUS Membership
3. AGLCA Membership
4. Insurance
All 4 will help make your voyage safer, more enjoyable, and amazing!
Are you planning on cruising America's Great Loop someday?
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This is a once a month "only" magazine.
It's a great way to keep informed & motivated.
If cruising America's Great Loop, is something you wish to pursue,
the "The Loopers Companion Guide" is the best, most complete guide you can get.
This is the 'game changer' for all Great Loop books & guides that follow. But, don't just take our word for it. Check out the ratings and
      "The Looper's Companion Guide" is a huge 8.5 x 11 size x 335-pages. It contains over 100-full color Maps & Photos. To compare what you get in
the book to this website, this website is only 20-pages! "The Looper's Companion Guide" contains almost 200,000 words and almost 1-million typed
characters. The book weighs 2-lbs!  
      We think its greatest asset is the 5,429-mile x 140-travel day route. Each and every single travel day is planned. It provides you with each day's
cruising distance, way-points, fuel range, bridge heights, controlled depths & known depth issues. It gives you all the free dock & wall locations, safe
anchorages and best 'Looper Friendly' Marinas in the locations you need them. The route itself guides you to over 70-incredible "Looper Favorite"
destinations regardless of which route (Canada or US) you take. Many of which are places you will want to stop, shop, stay & linger, if indeed, not drop
your anchor and remain forever.
      While "all" of our 140-destinations are not "amazing", they are all carefully planned safe stops. Some are simply 'necessary' stops. In a few remote
locations, they are the only safe stop. Whether you are in a fast, slow, long range or short range fuel vessel, we've got you covered. In all cases, we
have strategically determined "necessary" stops for such things as fuel, water, and provisions. We have also planned every single travel day so you
can end your travel day at a safe free dock or wall, anchorage or marina before dark. Following in our wake, you will always know each day, exactly
how far it is to your next fuel stop, free dock, anchorage or marina. We also give you options where ever an option is available. Fast boats with long
range fuel will be able to pass by some of these designated shorter range fuel stops.
      If you think of our main 5,429-mile route as the super highway, we also provide information on the most popular detours. Everywhere there are
interesting options, sites to see along the way, we tell you about them. In addition, we give you the top 10 most popular Great Loop "side-trips".
While our map covers a 140-travel days to 140-destinations, it should be used as a 'guide', and not the gospel. We encourage and recommend short
detours and longer side-trips all along the way. This will add to your number of travel days, just as your speed and skipping a few stops will subtract
from your travel days.  
What is NOT covered in
"The Looper's Companion Guide"

BOAT SAFETY - We make the assumption that you are already, (or will be), a safe boater in a safe suitable boat before you head out on this
incredible adventure. While we call your attention to special areas that require extra attention to being safe, such as anchoring out, anchor lights,
tides and shoaling, we do not cover basic boat safety or regulations. You need to have that covered before heading out on this or any other voyage.

BOAT MAINTENANCE - Other than a few suggestions such as getting a Certified Marine Survey and having your vessel completely checked out and
tuned up by a professional Certified Marine Mechanic, we don't venture into the realm of electrical, mechanical or boat maintenance. Except for our
suggestion to keep your boat and everything on it in ship shape and simple.
A fair number of boaters are experts at all this 'mechanical' stuff. We're not! Some would have us all believe cruising the Great Loop requires us to be
a Master Mechanic, and a Meteorologist with a PHD. Some, it seems, simply would not be happy on this voyage if they didn't have to roll up their
sleeves, grab their tool box and crawl down into the bilge or engine room to fix something. That's not us!
  We're not mechanics! If you are, great for you! If your not, we suggest you do as we do. . . Simply have a professional check, repair and tune all
that electrical & mechanical stuff on your vessel before heading out on this voyage.

WE DON'T LIST EVERY MARINA, ANCHORAGE, OR DESTINATION - Your GPS does that! The biggest difference between "The Looper's
Companion Guide" and all other guides we know of, is that our guide is
exclusively dedicated to cruising America's Great Loop. Other guides, such as
those that cover the ICW, Great Lakes, etc., cover entire regions. While they are great cruising guides, they are much like wanting to go from
Nashville to Memphis and getting a map of the entire lower 48 States. In our case, we know where you are going. Along the way, you will cruise by
hundreds of potential anchorages and marinas we do not list. That's because we know from experience, where the ones are you will most likely need
and want. Fast boat or slow boat, long or short range fuel tank(s), we know your potential speed, and the logical distance and places you will need to
stop for fuel, water and provisions. We also know the best & safest distances and places you can reach before dark. We give you all the Free docks,
Walls, Marinas and Anchorages that will be the most convenient. In case of emergency, all others marinas and anchorages will show up on your GPS
navigation software and charts. We also include all the best and most popular route options and recommended destinations.   
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Capt John's 100 years of Riverboat History
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America's Great Loop - The Looper's Companion Guide
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It's purpose is to keep you
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America's Great Loop - The Looper's Companion Guide
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Dear Future Looper,

  To live this dream, you will need Capt. John's "The Looper's Companion Guide". This
incredible guide is strategically designed as a complete for cruising America's Great Loop.
   With 300 pages, its huge 8.5 x 11 size, contains over 100 beautiful full-color Maps & photos.
It also makes for a great Coffee Table Book & conversation piece.
   Have a reluctant spouse? This is sure to change her/his mind.
   Just pick your starting point and follow Capt. John, his son John and their crew around either
route you choose. Through Canada's Trent Severn or remaining in the USA on the Great
Lakes, Capt. John guides you from one fabulous destination to the next. In doing so, you will
always know each day's cruising distance, required fuel range, bridge heights, safe
anchorages, free docks & walls, best marinas and all the favorite restaurants along the way.
Sailors will know where to step their mast(s), and where they can and cannot sail, as well as
mast shipping options & locations.
   From the frugal to the flamboyant, fast boat or slow boat, Capt. John and his group of
Super-Loopers guide you safely to a free dock or wall, safe anchorage or the best marinas  
every evening before dark. Choices of marinas are given wherever there is one, and
preferences are always given to marinas with courtesy cars, and restaurants that are either  
on-site or within easy walking distance, that are also people & pet friendly. From sail or power,
you get all the pros & cons on the most popular type and size vessels suitable for cruising the
Loop, including essential gear and equipment. It is all provided to make your Great Loop
voyage safe, stress-free, comfortable, affordable - and most of all - a boat load of fun!
   You will have to buy at least 4 cruising guides or books to get all the information you need in
this one publication!      

James A. Peoples,
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