Cruising the Atlantic ICW
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- Cruising America's Great Loop   -   The Looper's Companion Guide -
Capt. John Wright
Hello and Welcome! My name is John and I want to introduce you to an absolutely amazing adventure. It is the
safest long distance voyage on the entire planet, and it is right here in America's own backyard.
    How safe is it? In 2018 I celebrated my 71st Birthday as I crossed my wake on my 10th voyage around America's
Great Loop. On this voyage we learned of a retired couple that have been cruising the Great Loop making all or
part of this voyage for the past 38-years. Wow!
    Many 1st time Loopers, (as it was in my case), never planned on cruising the Loop more than once. Many have
made this voyage twice, some have made it three or more times. Quite a few have made it a permanent way of life.
- Cruising America's Great Loop   -   The Looper's Companion Guide -
- Cruising America's Great Loop   -   The Looper's Companion Guide -
it is an amazing adventure. Just bring your own boat.
We'll tell you everything you need to know to make this 'epic' voyage
safely, comfotably, confidently, and affordable.
wear a Ballcap, Panama hat or Pith helmet, you will be the explorer on this epic boating adventure.
    How epic is it? Averaging 2,000-miles longer than the Amazon and Nile rivers, America’s Great Loop is not only epic; it is the ultimate voyage of
freedom, discovery and achievement. While the average Looper cruises very near 6,000-miles, many Loopers report cruising closer to 7,000-miles
and a few have reported making side-trips and cruising over 8,000-miles. In fact, depending on your route and the side trips you can make, your
Great Loop voyage could exceed the distance of Columbus’ first voyage discovering America. Now that’s epic!
    While most Loopers spend very near a year on this adventure. Cruising America’s Great Loop averages cruising approximately 140-travel days
at an average distance of only 40-miles per day. It really is that simple and easy. If you think of this 5,429-mile adventure in terms of 140 ‘travel days’
cruising near 10-miles per hour averaging 40-miles a day; it puts the voyage and the route itself into a very manageable perspective.
    Obviously, the adventure includes many more nights spent living on your boat and days spent sightseeing and being a tourist. These nights and
days we are not actually cruising are spent with our boat safely docked in a marina or on the hook in a safe anchorage. With few exceptions, that
choice will be yours.
While many of us have had dreams of sailing off into the sunset. It takes a special kind of person to board a vessel and sail off into the sunset far
away from loved ones where the closest human may often be an astronaut in the Space Station.
   Cruising the Great Loop, you will always be boating in areas that are safe and readily accessible by emergency medical personnel and convenient
to pharmacies, hospitals, banks, post offices, rental cars, airports, restaurants, movie theaters, museums, and endless amounts of historic and
popular places to see and experience all along the way.
    You will cruise by Castles and Cathedrals, Mountains and Marshlands, Giant Cypress trees and Civil War battlefields. You will cruise along rolling
hillsides and lush vineyards, Antebellum mansions, century old towns and enchanting riverside Vistas. Along the way you will cruise through
exceptionally beautiful waters with sandy beaches and around pink granite fresh water islands populated only by pine trees. From hundreds of
historic Lighthouses to hundreds more fabulous waterfront restaurants, this is the recreational boaters equivalent of Route 66. It is your aquatic
highway filled with hidden gems, marvelous adventure, amazing sunsets and simply incredible destinations.
    From the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to the mighty Mississippi and from the Florida Keys to Canada’s North Channel, you will experience
Southern hospitality, European charm, exquisite regional cuisine, cobblestone streets and sidewalk cafes; not to mention countless waterfront
restaurants & Tiki Bars. This is where the destinations you visit are as exciting as the journey itself. It all makes up magnificent views with such
amazing beauty it has inspired countless writers’ musicians, novelists, poets, photographers and a few thousand Loopers before you.
    On this journey you can take your own boat as close to the Arctic Circle as you can the Tropics of the Equator. You can take it from the St Louis
Gateway in the West, to the Outer Banks in the East and even to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and Great Smoky Mountains. It is all made safe and
possible by a series of connected Inland Rivers, Lakes, Intracoastal Waterways, Manmade Canals, Land Cuts and Locks. In the process, Locks will
lift your boat from sea level to a height of almost 900-feet and back down again. Instead of taking you miles away from shore into the perils of the
deep blue sea, this incredible boating adventure takes you along the shorelines of inland rivers, lakes and canals potentially through 20 U.S. States
(or more) and 2 great Provinces of Canada; depending on your choice of route and side-trips. As epic as this boating adventure is, greater still are
the immeasurable sights and destinations along the way. Many of which are only reachable by boat.
    Beyond the ever-changing waterfront views and scenery, you will cruise through all the defining moments of America’s history. America’s Great
Loop’s main route will take you through 9 of the original 13 Colonies with the opinion of cruising all thirteen. From lighthouses older than America,
historic places, incredible museums, you will discover rich and fascinating cultures with postcard-perfect landscapes. You will cruise by numerous big
and lively cities, notable small towns, quaint little fishing villages and hidden destinations. All of which present you with an unlimited number of
tempting places with friendly natives offering scrumptious regional foods, unique one of a kind shopping and charming waterfront attractions.
   Possibly the Greeks said it best when they first described the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. They used the word “theamata” which
translates best into English as “must see, must experience”. This is where Loopers have discovered the road less traveled isn’t a road at all. It is a
combination of inland protected waterways that if nothing else, are proof positive America the beautiful is best seen and experienced from the water
in your very own boat.
    So, come on in, and discover for yourself why this is the #1 Bucket List experience in North America.