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     "Once Around Is Not Enough" has done it again. Now for the 3rd year in a row, this 2016, 2017,
and 2018 #1 BEST SELLER is also the 2016/2017 Nautical Book of the Year.
     When a book becomes a best seller its 1st year, it could be a result of luck or marketing. When it
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     This is your chance to purchase this timeless, informative and definitive 'How to' book for
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     A pioneer of the Great Loop, Capt. John made his first voyage around in 1971. Now with 9 Loops in
7 different type & size vessels, Capt. John gives you everything you’re looking for, hoping to learn,
wishing to find, or in search of regarding this amazing adventure. From best boats and equipment to
best routes, must see hidden destinations to the most delicious waterfront restaurants along the way,
Capt. John gives you in inside scoop on cruising the Loop.  
     Consisting of 300 pages, (that's 250 more pages than this Website), every page will be a learning
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James Peoples, CEO