America's Great Loop
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:: Cruising the Illinois River ::
If your vessel clear a 17' fixed bridge, you can boat right
through Downtown Chicago.

If not, you must take the alternate Cal-Sag route, junction is located at the Calumet
Harbor about 11 miles south of the Chicago River Lock. Assuming of course that you can
clear that 19' 1" bridge we've been telling you about, then the remaining bridges on this route
are not an issue.

The Chicago Lock is mile 326.7, and this leg of your journey will take you to Grafton, ILL which
is mile 0 on the Illinois River.
Chicago Yacht Club - Lake Michigan
(at the entrance) of the Chicago RIver Lock
at Mile marker 330
Latitude: 41° 50.71' N
Longitude: 87° 40.01' W

Sunset Bay Marina
Mile marker 326.0
South Bend Marina
Mile marker 323
Riverdale Marina
Mile marker 319.9
Big Basin Marina
Mile marker 277.8
Three Rivers Yacht Club
Mile marker 275
Harborside Marina

City of Morris Visitors Dock - No Fuel
(free over-night docks)

Spring Brook Marina
Marseilles Lock & Dam
Mile marker  247.0
Snug Harbor Marina
and Illinois State Park
Starved Rock Marina
Captains Cove Restaurant
Mile marker  233.4
Spring Valley Boat Club
Mile marker 218.5
Hennepin Village Visitor's Dock
Hennepin Marine
Mile marker 207.3
Henry Public Courtesy Docks
Henry Harbor Marina
Mile maker 196.0
Lacon Marina
Mile marker 189.2
Chillicothe Courtesy Dock - No Fuel
Mile marker 180.5
Hamms Holiday Harbor
Mile marker 178.6
Kampsville Landing
Kampsville, IL

Illinois Valley Yacht Club
Mile Marker: 167.9
Caution: (This is the last diesel stop until you
reach Grafton 167.9 miles from here)

Sodowski Boat Basin
Mile marker 167.5
Wharf Harbor Marina
Mile marker 165.3
East Port Marina
Mile marker 164
Detweiller Marina
Mile marker 163.7
Riverfront Park Marina - City of Peoria
Illinois Mile marker 162.8

Tall TImbers Marina  
Illinois Mile marker: 120.3
Notice: This is your last fuel stop until you reach
Port Charles Harbor Marina (122 miles).

Illinios Riverdock Restaurant - No Fuel
Mile marker 20.9
Note: One of our favorite restaurants on the Loop.
Free on site docking.

Browning Landing - No Fuel
Mile marker 97.2
(free Municipal courtesy dock)

Beardstown Municipal Dock - No Fuel
(free over-night courtesy dock)
Mile marker 88.5

Grafton Harbor
Mile marker 0
NOTE: Grafton Harbor now has a new 200 slip
marina with a store, restaurant, and super shower
and laundry facilities. Really nice!
The Illinois River between La Grange Lock at mile 80.2 and the
Illinois Riverdock Restaurant mile 20.9.
My son and I always stop and eat out at all the interesting looking places we find.
Illinois Riverdock Restaurant is one of our  favorites. Don't miss it unless
you absolutely have to.
If you take the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal route, your
distance to Grafton
is 334 miles.
If you take the Chicago River route through downtown  Chicago,
your distance is 328 miles
The Junction of Chicago River and Cal-Sag
is at mile 303.3
That 19' Bridge we've been telling you about
is at mile 300.5

Distance from Grafton:
Joliet, IL - 288 miles
Brandon Road Lock - 286
Interstate 55 Bridge - 277
Kankakee River - 273
Dresden Island Lock - 271 miles
Marseille Lock - 244 miles
Ottawa, IL - 239 miles
Peru, IL - 222 miles
Illinois and Mississippi Canal - 210 miles
Hennepin, IL - 207 miles
Chillicothe, IL - 180 miles
Peoria Lock  - 158 miles
Beardstown, IL - 89 miles
La Grange Lock - 80 miles
Naples, IL - 65 miles
Florence, IL - 55 miles
Hardin, IL - 21 miles
Illinois Riverdock Restaruant - 20.9
Grafton, IL - 0
River Miles are all Statute Miles                                                                      - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
Cruising down the Illinois River
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