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Great Loop
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Who should buy this book?
  This book is the recognized 'textbook' for how to cruise America's Great Loop safely, comfortably,
confidently and affordable. It is perfect for the New & Novice boater desiring the very most information
on how to make the safest, affordable and best boat choices for cruising the Loop.
    It gives all the essential information you need to choose and equip your vessel for cruising the Loop.
You get the best routes and route options, and over 100 of the most essential Tips & Suggestions -
many of which will save you thousands of dollars. You get the run down on best equipment, what works,
what doesn't, what you need and what you won't, as well as a complete comparison on expenses to
determine what this voyage might cost you. This book also gives answers to over 100 most essential
FAQs about cruising the Loop and includes a great section on "I wish someone had told me that" for the
first time Looper. It all comes with a "Loopers" Glossary of terms.  
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“Capt. John gives you the straight up facts about cruising the
Loop on both sides of the border. Beyond doubt, this is the
best!” – Captain Mike Braun, USCG retired, two time Looper.

“Exactly what every Looper should know in advance!" – Dave
Snyder, Sea Tow

“Highly readable, with a brilliant section of  FAQs, answered
in a Q & A format. This is the best. – Michael A Abraski,
Voyaging Life

“Once Around Is Not Enough is Capt. John's best. Better
even than his previous Best Seller." – US Boating Magazine.

“He is the only one that gives the facts on this voyage being
affordable. We took his advice, followed his suggestions and
completed the Loop, His book resulted in us saving
thousands."  – Ben & Vicki Thomas.

“If there is one thing that positions Capt. John alone from all
the rest; it is that he gives you the straight forward essential
facts. He lets you know exactly how to cruise the Great Loop
safely and affordably. If you have doubts about affording this
voyage, you need to read this book.” – Tom Lawson,

“If you are only going to buy one Great Loop cruising book,
this is the one to buy. I can’t even begin to tell you how this
book will help you avoid costly and dangerous mistakes and
make your Great Loop voyage the most best it can be.” –
Fred Lloyd, previous Looper.

“This is fantastic. We cruised the Loop and ended up with a
long list of things I would do differently the second time. If
you follow the tips, suggestions and advice in this book, your
Great Loop voyage will more comfortable, much safer,
incredibly less expensive and more trouble-free, fun and
enjoyable than the vast majority of first time Loopers. I
strongly suggest everyone take advantage of Capt. John’s
– John and Kate Finley