If you already own a live-aboard
size, Great Loop safe &
suitable vessel -
and all you want or need is the
very best "route and
destination" guide - This guide
should be at your
helm, next to your GPS.
Intended for new & novice boater
in search of an introduction to
America's Great Loop. Is is
meant to help you decide if this
voyage is for you. 3-years on the
BEST SELLER list. Includes 100  
cruising tips and answers 100 of
the most FAQs.   
If your plans include cruising the
Caribbean after cruising the
Great Loop, and you want to
know exactly what it takes and
what to expect. This is the book
for you! From the US mainland to
St. Vincent Capt. John has you
safely anchored in a paradise
cove  every evening before dark.
It is HUGE! It has everything you want, and we
promise, will be more than you expected. It is 8.5 x
11 with 335-top quality pages. It weighs 2lbs! It
contains over 100-full color Great Loop Maps &
photos. The first 100-pages cover such topics as:
the voyage, safe boater, safe boats, boat
requirements & choices, powerboats, sailboats,
boat buying, and boats under 32-feet - and gives
actual 2018 cruising cost comparisons on the most
popular type & size 'Great Loop' boats as well as
examples of on & off the boat budget expectations.  
It covers 'Customs' for both America's cruising
Canada and Canadian's cruising the USA. It covers
cruising & living aboard, and 'Great Loop'
It includes the basic 5,429-mile Great Loop route to
all the best 'Looper Favorite' destinations, and the
10-most popular detours and side-trips. 200-pages
are dedicated to an incredible 140-travel day route
guide around the Loop. The route guide provides;
every single day's distance, fuel range, controlled
depths & issues, bridge heights, with Mile-markers,
Latatude/Longitude, and way-points.  It also ends
each and every travel day  at a Free Docks or Wall,
safe anchorage or marina - before dark.
Fact is, this is the very best cruising guide we've
ever seen and it is the only one we know of
'exclusively' dedicated to cruising America's Great
While originally conceived, written and designed as
a "Looper's companion guide at the helm"; fact is,
the size along with the 100 full color maps and
photos make it a wonderful 'Coffee Table' book and
a great conversation piece.
If any of you have a reluctant spouse in the house,
this is sure to change her/his mind.  
Dear Future Looper,

Anchor Publishing is very pleased to announce the 2019 Mass Market release of Capt. John's, "The Looper's
Companion Guide". It is an incredible piece of work and beyond any doubt, Capt. John's very best work to date.
Since 2011, we have witnessed Capt. John's growth, not only in the non-fiction genre of the Nautical Market, but also
as a writer. He has consistently reinforced our belief that a writer's passion for his or her subject, is the key to a
Book's success in any given market. Capt, John is passionate, not only over cruising America's Great Loop but for
encouraging us all to run out, buy a boat, and experience this great adventure for  ourselves.
As his publisher, I never heard of America's Great Loop until I met Capt. John. To me, his books were just  books.
The kind a publisher fears losing money on. Why we ever took a chance on his first book is beyond my
understanding. His first book didn't make any money, but his passion over this voyage was undeniable.   
The "non-fiction genre" of the Nautical Market is very small. To give you an idea; Mass Market Fiction books must sell
100,000 copies to reach the BEST SELLERS LIST. In this market they must sell 1,000 copies. Believe us, even a
1,000 books sold in this market is rare.
Capt. John's "The Looper's Companion Guide" is deserving of much greater success than it can possibly ever
achieve in this market. Not only is the market small, it is shrinking at a fast rate on a daily basis. Young people today
are simply not reading non-fiction books and their adventures are limited to escaping into a world of make-believe
through action animated science-fiction.
The uniqueness of Capt. John is found in his ability to encourage. His writing never even whispers "look and see
what I have done". Instead, it screams of "look and see what you can do". Then he tells you how to do it. Evidence,
we believe, he wants us all to make this voyage, as much as we would like to.
"The Looper's Companion Guide" - It is not Capt. John's 2-cents worth, it is 2-pounds worth, containing years of
experience dedicated to America's Great Loop and helping you cruise it safely, afford-ably, comfortably, and

James A. Peoples, President, CEO
© 1993 - 2019 captainjohn.org