Cruising the Atlantic ICW
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Discover America's Great Loop
America's Great Loop                                                                       - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
Best Selling Great Loop Book
Capt. John Wright
It is 1,400 miles longer than the Nile River.
It is 3,276 miles longer than the Mississippi River.
                             - and that's if you take the 'short' cut!

   What am I talking about?  "America's Great Loop"
It is an attainable, affordable amazing adventure - and you can
cruise it in your own safe, suitable and seaworthy boat.
   Hello and Welcome! My name is John and I want to introduce you to this absolutely
amazing adventure. It is the safest long distance voyage on the entire planet, and it is
right here in America's own backyard.
   How safe is it? I just celebrated my 70th Birthday on my 8th voyage around this Great
Loop and I'm looking forward to at least two more before I drop my anchor somewhere
along the way. That alone should tell you how safe it really is.
Imagine. . .  Spending 9 months to a year or longer, living and
cruising on your own boat for a distance of more than 5,600 miles
through 22 States
(or more), with the option of cruising Canada on the
safest most scenic, exciting and continuous waterway in the world. It is a
voyage of adventure and discovery that is longer than the longest river in
the world. More incredible is the fact it is a "loop". It is a "Great Loop". This
means you can start your voyage and end your voyage from the exact
same spot - without ever making a U-turn!
From New York City to New Orleans or from Canada's French Quebec to
the New Orleans' French Quarter, you can cruise as near the Arctic Circle
in the north as you can the Tropics of the Equator in the South - and you
can do it all without ever having to face the perils of a wide open sea.
It is absolutely the boating adventure of a lifetime. Boaters from all over the
world come to America to make this voyage. . . And for us, it is right here in
our own backyards!