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Cruising America's Great Loop
Longer than the Nile. . .
America's Great Loop is an epic boating adventure. . .
    It encompasses the eastern portion of North America -
including the Gulf & Atlantic Intracoastal Waterways, the
Hudson River, Erie Canal, the Great Lakes, the (optional)
Canadian Heritage Canals, and the Inland Rivers of
America's heartland.
    For the pleasure boater, It offers over 5,600 miles of
friendly, safe, scenic and sensational cruising. In addition,
(see the map), that's the "Loop". It connects you with 24,000
miles of additional navigable inland lakes and rivers for a
total of more then 29,000 miles of pure boating pleasure, and
you can cruise it all in your very own live aboard size boat.
    Unlike crossing the ocean, it is close to land, home,
family and friends, as well as hospitals, rental cars, airports,
restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment. Seldom  
are you without cellphone service, Internet, WiFi or air digital
    For those that seek a boating adventure, America's
Great Loop will capture your heart and blow your mind wide
open! This is an epic journey worthy of your epic memoir. It's
where the grass is greener and waters bluer. Destined to be
the greatest chapter in your book of life.    
You will discover that America's Great Loop is beyond doubt the ultimate boating adventure and the very
safest long distance voyage on the planet. You will also discover
YOU can do this. It doesn't matter how big,
medium or small your boat and budget might be, most anyone can make this voyage safely, comfortably,
confidently and affordably.  You don't need a ton of experience, a big expensive boat or a boat load of money.  
All you need: is to be a good safe boater, in a good safe seaworthy boat, and (we highly recommend) you have
six months to a year to go cruising, but it can be quicker, we just don't recommend it.
What exactly will you discover on this website?
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1.  We're not kidding ourselves here: It's free! It is absolutely totally free!
 It's "practical". . . We're not about panache. We are about being practical. We cruise in safe, seaworthy,
comfortable, affordable boats with a realistic and practical budget.
3.  We have the best experience!  With nine Loops and over 60,000 Great Loop miles under our keel;
we've "been there and done that". So far, we've done it in seven different vessels both sail & power, ranging
in size from 25' to 44' LOA. As a result, we are able to give you impartial and practical pros & cons on various
types and size vessels.
4.  "More fun than fuel" That's Capt. John's boating philosophy. He are NOT about showing the world how
far he has come. Instead, he is most passionate about the discover of how far he can go.
Most importantly - Capt. John is here to help you. . . Learn and discover how far you can go. Whether it
be on a big, medium or small boat on a big, medium or small budget; this promises to be the adventure of
your lifetime.
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America's Great Loop
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